How can I donate to the Charities?
Is parking free? 

Daytime: Parking available in lot 12, price-point $10 for the day
After Party: Parking available in lots 8, 9, 10 & 12, price-point $5 as of 5 pm.

By Bus: From Baseline station there will be directional signage throughout the College with the Make It POP logo to help you find your way!


Enter ACCE building, proceed to 2nd floor, take footbridge to B building, enter C building (follow signs for C) and proceed back to 1st floor, follow signs for D, and then signs for E and you’ll find Make It POP!

If you get lost along the way, ask for directions to Starbucks!

How to reach Algonquin Student Commons?

From Parking: Walk towards the main College building, following signs for Robert C. Gillett Student Commons Building E.

By Car: Click Here for directions on Google Maps. Algonquin Student Commons AKA Building E, ask for Starbucks! 

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